Terms of rental

No rental to youthgroups.

Once you have found the offer, mentioned on this paged, that suit you best, you simply send an enquiry by the webpage (request) or use the telephone number / e-mail addres.

Terms of rental

If the house you request already is rented out, we are going to send you another offer, which as far as possible matches your request.

Soon afterwards you are going to receive a rental agreement for signature. When the rental agreement is send, the house in question will be reserved for you in 14 days. By this means, that you have to return the signed original rental agreement and the half of the rent, latest 11 days after the agreement has been signed by JAMMERBUGT-FERIE, if not the reservation will be cancelled. The rest of the rent will due for payment 5 weeks before moving in. The tenancy will normally run from Saturday with arrival after 16:00 pm to a subsequent Saturday with departure latest 10:30 am. In the high season, it will only be possible in exceptionally cases to comply with tenancies, which start or end on other weekdays. Out of the high season we also rent day-to-day or weeks out with pleasure.

If you carries more than one pet a fee will be added: 150,- DKK pr.

We assume no responsibility for situations that may arise as a result of war (outbreak or threatening), strike, lockout, rationing, border closures, epidemics, pandemics, natural disasters, pollution disasters (including nuclear releases), breakdown of communication networks, and other types of events that may be characterized as force majeure.

The tenant has liability to pay damages for lost movable property and damages caused at the rental period. Potential damages have to be reported to the agency before the departure.

The agency does not take responsibility for sudden arisen incidents with insects (wasps, earwigs, etc.) in the house.

The agency does not take responsibility for sudden occurred damages or defects (fail or break down at the installations, clogged drains, etc.), but will make sure that the damage or defect will be repaired fast as possible after the reporting.

If any disagreements between the tenant and agency may occur in regards to the tenancy it shall be resolved according to Danish laws.

Cancellation insurance (Makes up 5 % of the tenancy) will be added and charged with the 1. rate. – Coverages disease with a statement from a doctor.