We will do our very best to give you a fantastic holiday

We hope you find just the house you're looking for - if not, don't hesitate to call us, we'd really like to help with that.
We have detailed knowledge of all our houses - and not least the area.

We are happy to help you on your way to finding exactly the holiday cottage which fits you and your family’s wishes. There are holiday cottages very close to the sea, in the very first row of dunes where you can feel the wind from the North Sea or holiday houses which are placed varm and cosy in the landscape of heather and dunes covered with pines and spruces and with only a distance of 1-2 kilometres to the sea.

All the holiday cottages belongs to private owners which means they are decorated and arranged in the way the owners like best and which fits their needs. It gives lots of possibilities concerning the size and standard of each holiday cottage. All of the holiday cottages are extremely well-preserved and cosy.

Mini holiday

If you want a stay of a few days, see here which holiday homes it is currently possible to book.


There are plenty of activities in Jammerbugten. Here you can find inspiration for what it could be.

Houses with sea view

There are houses which are right by the sea in the 1st row of dunes, where you really feel the "rush from the North Sea". Here you will find an overview of those with a sea view.

Dog allowed

In many of our houses, your 4-legged friend is welcome - however, in some cases we have to ask the owner first.

See which houses are possible.

Houses with electric Charging stand/Outdoor contact for electric cars

There are several houses where it is taken into account that guests use electric cars. Here there is an outdoor contact for charging.
See the current houses here.