Holiday homes at Svinkløv

Svinkløv Klitplantage (plantation) is a fantastic piece of nature. Here you find lots of space and an open sky. Svinkløv Klitplantage is containing a variety of coniferous- and hardwood trees. Lots of birds and animals are able to live here. Roe deer are very common to watch here but also red deer are able to be seen once in a while. The plantation also offers fine trekking paths, paths for riding, and mountain bike routes.  You can rent mountain bikes in Fjerritslev or at Slettestrand if you will like to watch the area in a different way.

The holiday cottage area of Svinkløv is placed to the south of the wood and therefore it gives a natural shelter for the wind. The sites of the holiday cottages are big and lovely nature sites of 5000km2 and upwards. Here is really room for enjoying the holiday for the whole family in a nice and quiet place. Just behind the newly burned down Svinkløv Badehotel a path is leading upwards passing the camping area to Svinklovene (pig’s trotters). The name of the place is invented because the landscape is formed like two pig’s feet. From here you can view Bulbjerg to the west and on a clear day Råbjerg Knude to the east.


Cataloque ID: 328

328, Bredvandet 5, Fjerritslev

Number of persons 5

3000 2000   75 5500      
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    EUR 644.00
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    EUR 363.00

Cataloque ID: 471

471, Toftendamsvej 32, Fjerritslev

Number of persons 6

3000 2000   76 5000    

Cataloque ID: 666

666, Bredvandet 25, Fjerritslev

Number of persons 6

4000 2000   100 5000    
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    EUR 569.00
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    EUR 323.00

Cataloque ID: 691

691, Toftendamsvej 26, Fjerritslev

Number of persons 6

2000 2000 100 5670    
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    EUR 781.00
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    EUR 391.00

Cataloque ID: 706

706, Gl. Hvarrevej 7, Svinkløv, Fjerritslev

Number of persons 6

2000 2000 117 26457    
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    EUR 1,028.00
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    EUR 547.00
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    EUR 322.00